Garett Petersen

Software Engineer

Anaheim, California, USA

I'm a meticulous Software Engineer with a strong technical background. I specialize in designing comprehensive test plans, leadership, executing thorough testing processes, and implementing automation frameworks to ensure the delivery of high-quality software products.

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Page Objects with Cypress

The Page Object Model is a popular design pattern that provides a structured approach to organizing and interacting with web pages in automated tests, promoting code reusability, maintainability, and readability. How this design pattern is implemented can very from org to org. Often I come across Cypress frameworks that use classes, modules, namespaces, or a […]

Custom Cypress Workflows

One way to have Cypress automation run is through a series of GitHub Actions workflows. The one I’m going to show you runs through a defined matrix and runs test in parallel. Take for example this Matrix. Think of this as an array of test you want running in your suite. Note that we can […]

Axios Client

There were times I needed a backend framework to support making api request. Axios offers a powerful and flexible HTTP client that simplifies the process of making HTTP requests and handling responses in JavaScript/TypeScript applications. Its ease of use, promise-based nature, and extensive features make it a great candidate. To do this I created a […]