In 2019, I took a trip to Cancun, Mexico. I stayed at Sun Palace all-inclusive resort which turned out to be a great place to stay. When landing in Cancun, the first thing I noticed at the airport was a swarm of people offering you a taxi service to your hotel. Be very careful when picking a transportation method to your hotel. You will find that most of them will try to get as much money as possible from you. I recommend asking around first, then pick the best offer. Don’t settle on the first person that offers you a ride. The resort itself was extremely comfortable, with amazing restaurants, infinity pools, spas, private beach access, unlimited and free bottle and room service. The rooms here were incredible. They each had hot tubs in them, in which you could enjoy some free unlimited food and bottle room service, sit in your tub, and eat all while watching TV in the comfort of your own private room. The restaurants here were absolutely amazing. I recommend going to the rooftop and enjoy a sunset steak dinner(pictured above). Most of the activities I will note require a bit of a drive, so you will be needing to rent a bus ticket that cost around $2.00 a day. Which will take you where you need to go. Activities included snorkeling, hiking, shopping, and exploring the jungles of Mexico. I highly recommend this place for any couples looking for a couple nights to get away and relax.